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  • Aaron Conroy Spells it out – Kells Group April 2013

    Today I starting the Discovery Zone program. Introductions were made and it was straight down to business.  I found the class to be as excited as I was, we all bonded very quickly and I was interested to hear the fantastic ideas the group had.

    The day went on and we began to structure our ideas more. We used various techniques including developing our Elevator Pitch. The group was very much unrestrained on pointing out minor flaws and I began to get a better understanding of the direction my idea needs to go in.

    I feel that today will be a fantastic beginning to something very new and I am already looking forward to day two.

    Day Two: We all worked together as a team and explored our personality and how we can bring it forth to our business plan. We did this by creating a personal mission statement which included our overall goals and ambitions. The group were assigned roles, one would observe a speaker and the other would ask questions. I found this to be a very productive exercise as it helped develop my approach to team bonding and therefore my overall approach to business. I found asking questions was difficult as I had to ask open ended probing questions. This ultimately resulted in an honest back and forth conversation and overall it was a great way to get the team talking.

    Day Three: I found myself reflecting from the previous days in a positive way. I feel confident and ready to take the big risk. Having an honest group really helps, opinions are direct and to the point. I have put forth my idea and the group have been very helpful providing the feedback I need to develop my plan in a constructive manner.

    I learned that in order to run a successful business I need to have a balanced mind a lifestyle. The class focused on this by using the Life Balance Wheel as a guidance tool. I put down my current priorities and found that more time is needed for my business rather than personal. Overall having done these exercises and expressed my goals and personality, I found that my confidence has greatly improved.

    I wasn’t the strongest public speaker and often got nervous talking to a large group of people. This has all changed for the better and in such a short space of time. Who knows how different and ready I will be in the coming weeks.

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