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  • Get off the Beach! D-Day Approaches- Donegal 2013 – Sarah Waters

    Second last week of the programme and it is definitely showing.  Monday, and the mood in the room is quite low.  It is difficult in the penultimate not to feel paralysed with fear; after all, we will be losing the support and guidance of the Discovery Zone facilitators in one week’s time and will have to stand on our own two feet- a sobering thought! We have one week left to finish our business plans, our pitching deck and a summary of our business.

    Gerry thought that a rousing speech was in order, a Moan-style kick up the butt.  I think he was channelling the spirit of D-Day (apt considering the anniversary fell last week), and especially the following quote: “There are only two kinds of people who are staying on this beach: those who are already dead and those that are gonna die. Now get off your butts”

    A bit of Discovery Zone socialising on Monday night, meant that I was feeling ropey on Tuesday morning, but the spirit in the room had lifted immeasurably.  We were like a little hive of activity with Mari and Gerry giving individual attention.

    Our summary documents and business plans were taking shape.  Ursula gave us a talk on the Donegal Enterprise Centre and its support and also an overview of grants process.  This eased our fears about being left stranded next Wednesday- it is good to know that Ursula and her team can continue the support and guidance.

    Wednesday saw the group starting on our pitching decks.  I am surprised Google Images did not collapse with the amount of activity from our room that day. It will be an entertaining set of presentations next week.

    I think reality has set in………..we are going to be business owners in a matter of weeks/months

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