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  • Damien Gallagher in Donegal Sums up week two!

    Week 2 started with more inspiring, thoughts, and actions from Gerry, Mari and Louise. This week we were working on the methodologies that are making us question our plans/ideas in a very constructive way.The class have started to use some of the tools that will help us to crystallise or to modify our plans so that we are better lined up for success, the Team are challenging us in a most creative way to help us to become successful. Networks are being set up, names of contacts and resources are given freely, you do not want to leave your pen out of your hand as you could miss some nugget  of information shared in the room. This week had us using blindfolds, jigsaw puzzles and even ropes to lead us further along the path to achieving our goals and visions it is challenging, creative and fun with the discipline of actions and goals always in our minds eye.

    Liam Porter  a graduate from the previous Discovery session was inspirational in his talk on how he came to the Discovery programme and in the way he engaged with it, the challenges it presented to him and how by staying the course and persevering he was able to bring his idea forward to become a business reality.

    Next week will bring new topics, ideas and challenges I am looking forward to the journey,  just being in the room is invigorating and inspirational, roll on next week!!

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