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  • Feeling the Difference in Kells – Week Two

    So discovery zone week two… where do I begin? I guess I will start by saying I could really feel the difference in the group this week. We all seem to have bonded a bit more and are more open with each other. That little fear at the back of your head of your ideas being stolen is gone and has been replaced with an urge to help one and other instead. I do believe the games we were playing with Gerry really helped that though. We had to co-operate in order to succeed.

    That was a challenge for some of us, the games, especially poor Ciaran. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy so determined to finish a jigsaw before in my life. And trying to figure out the shapes, I think some of us where worried about Gerry’s level of sanity when he pulled out the blindfolds.

    But as always there was method in the madness, applying the Spark It principles, and madness it was. Who hands out random objects and asks what there use might be, ask you to change it, work with it and develop it. I can tell you now the only use I can find for small cylindrical piece of plastic is to hand it to a group of wannabe entrepreneurs and watch them sweat over it. I can’t even imagine what a fly on the wall would think if he was to see me that day. Confused would be an understatement.

    Day two was a different kettle of fish altogether. We had to think! How many people have ever actually stopped and asked “who the **** am I?” Please excuse the language but that’s pretty much how it went. I’m still not sure I really know but I will gladly say I’m a lot closer to knowing than I ever have been before. At times I may have felt like the going with the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on this one and that maybe 42 might be as logical a conclusion as any other, but like everyone else I persevered and there was treasure at the end of this rainbow. The insight I gained changed my entire perspective, new approach, no more paradigms, this is me. This is how I work, and this is how I should approach my goals.

    It’s something many of us never did, definitely something I never did, and that is realise that I am the one setting up this business and that it’s me that’s doing the leg work. How would I expect the business to succeed if I wasn’t in a position to really apply myself?

    Day three was a new level again. The ideas day, working through the possibilities we had come up with. Researching further into what we were going to do. The day of clarity, when a lot of it came back into focus. I began to see the end game. “Begin with the end in mind” as Covey puts it.

    I am more than I one trick pony, more than the idea I initially brought with me. I have a particular set of skills which, with the right mind set, I can apply to any situation. I my friend am now an entrepreneur.

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