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  • Final Weeks in Donegal 2013 – Aidan Gallagher

    This week found the participants on the final leg of the journey. After a long 11 weeks of market research, analysis and planning, we were working hard on putting the finishing touches to both our business plans and getting ready for our final presentation in front of the panel.

    Monday was a long day as we all tried to hone our presentation skills and slide decks. Thankfully the hard work paid off, and we were lucky enough to have an excellent panel of business leaders that gave some very useful (constructive) feedback.

    It was great to see how far each idea had come along since the first day we met the Discovery Zone team, with some of the participants ending the program with ideas completely different to the first week….

    It is the beginning of everyone’s journey starting tomorrow, can’t wait to see what happens!

    A big Thank You to all the team from Discovery Zone and to the Donegal County Enterprise Board for funding this great opportunity for us all.

    Discovery Zone Donegal cohort 2013

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