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  • Fitness Fanatic Ciaran Shares his Week Three Experience

    At the end of week two I personally could feel more energy than I did after week one. I don’t think I was ever as tired as I was after week 1. Them 2 weeks are in the past now and all our focus switches to week three. I was hoping though that the higher levels of energy levels was just my brain adopting gradually to the work load that was been heaped on it.

    Day 1: Like every day on this programme we didn’t know what was in store for us. As long as there was no feckin jigsaw thrown at us I was as always determined to get through the day as best I could.

    We started off Day 1 with learning how to start your own market research for your business. Under the format of the Geographic, Demographic and Psychographic headings we went about identifying are customers. With this new information gathered under these headings we set about re-writing our Elevator Pitches. Already I can see a big difference in my “new” Elevator pitch than the one we prepared on our first day.

    We finished out the day with a discussion to come with a community project that will be completed by the group as part of the course. I personally feel that our community project should involve a group that urgently needs our help.

    Day 2: We were let get ahead of ourselves and took a look at a table that we should be hoping for our Business to follow. I, for one could only dream of having a Business in its Maturity stage and ready to offload. Especially with the Business I will be in, I will be my own product so a franchise would be the best option for me in the Maturity stage.  But the table really got the group thinking to get out, when their business is worth its most. A formality I never thought of. “Strike when the iron is hot”.


    We then had John V. Farrelly drop in and tell us about the amazing work that has been done and continues to be done in Kilmainhamwood Retirement Village. I think I will speak for the group as a whole and say we are looking forward to visiting the Retirement Village next Thursday. This is a very live option where our Community Project could take place.

    The last part of the day was finished out with market research for each of our Businesses. We split into 4 small groups. As part of my own Market Research I found it astonishing that when I contacted the Department of Health to look for some statistics I was told that the latest stats that I was looking for were taken in 2007 and that I was to add on 2 or 3% to each statistic???? Amazing accuracy!!!

    Day 3: Today was made up of researching out lead segment, 1st 2nd and 3rd Segments. Under the headings of Geographic, Demographic and Psychometric we set about precisely targeting our customers. Again we were in our smaller groups and I enjoyed immensely bouncing my ideas of each person in my group. I think Bernie was a bit taken aback by some of the results of my own research. It’s astonishing to think that 25% of 5 to 12 year olds have a weight problem. (1 in 4) I personally love researching my potential customers. It seems the deeper I dig the more statistics I come up with.

    Overall it has been such a productive week. I can feel the excitement in the group at the thoughts of setting up their own Business soon. In only our 3rd week on the programme my own horizon has been widened astonishingly all down to Gerry, Mari, Sue and the wonderful diverse group as a whole. Although I feel next week I will have to narrow down my options and deal with one at a time. This will combat the confusion I am starting to feel as to which my lead segment are going to be.

     We are not the finished product yet but I know we are all on the right track. In only our 3rd week on the course my horizon has been widened astonishingly. In the famous words of Muhammad Ali I leave with this comment, “Before I get into the ring I have already won or lost it on the road. The real part is won or lost behind the lines in the gym or out there running on the road. Long before I dance under these lights.”

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