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  • Life is not a Dress Rehersal – Rebecca Patterson

    I am sure I speak for all of us when I say a very big thank you to Gerry, Mari and Sue for all the time and dedication they have given to helping us. And thank you too Gerry, for choosing us to come on the Discovery Zone in the first place.

    It has been great meeting everyone and I think, and hope that we have friends for life, and that we can turn to each other for help, advice and a bit of cheap labour in our hours of need!

     It has been a long and intense 12 weeks. Blaa blaa blaa.

    We all know it we have all been on the course and have our own journeys inside our own heads for the rest of our lives.

     So what’s next?????

    To earn our own living. I think that was the whole point.

    So we have to get out there, live our dream and be true to ourselves. We must remem

    ber. It will be hard, difficult and lonely. So don’t forget to phone a friend.

    And as I was told when I first arrived here in Ireland.

    Life is not a dress rehearsal.”  So we had better get on and live our lives, and if it all doesn’t work, well at least we tried.


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