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  • No more “Moaning” from Caroline as she captures Week Four in Kells

    Following the previous week of identifying our lead customers from a geographical, demographic and psychographic viewpoint, some of us poor souls faced the wrath of Gerry first thing Wednesday, or as I like to call it ‘the grilling’. Some good students were more than prepared but others were interrogated…..stats, stats, stats I hear Gerry cry or moan(see what I did there!). But the need for more specific statistics about our lead customers was duly noted.

    What followed was an inspiring presentation from Conor Murphy of ‘Nurish’ who told us of his experience in Discovery Zone and the steps he had taken to date to get his product to market. Conor spoke of his ‘Dragon’s Den’ experience which he said was mostly positive but of course the remaining edited part shown was the negative piece. He has benefitted from his appearance but warned that it is ‘only for the brave’. His advice on seeking grants from Leader and the Enterprise board was most helpful. Conor is availing of a mentoring service in the Enterprise Board which he highly recommended.

    Back to the grindstone then for an extremely useful Competitor Analysis. Naturally,we all rated ourselves highly compared to our competitors but that’s because we’re all just brilliant.

    Day two began with Mari kicking us into touch guiding us in using our TDI,  Alan Chapman’s Personal Business profile and the skills audit to form our overall personal/business profile. This is a great expression of the person behind the business and strengthens our CV and Linked In profiles.

    Helen McEntee, local TD paid us a vist and showed keen interest in all our business ideas and wanted to know how she could help us in our start ups. Some of us made suggestions that would be most beneficial to us in the coming months.

    We were ably assisted and guided on day three by Sue who focussed us on our SWOT analysis. Each group approached this task in a different way, some of us got side-tracked at times but Gerry Junior (aka James Brown) brought us back to task in our group. Lots of positivity coming from this exercise, where weaknesses could be overcome and threats turned into opportunities.

    Great way to end the week……until………Sue reminded us of all the homework!

    • Reflections week 4
    • SMART goals
    • Complete competitor analysis grid
    • SWOT typed up
    • Personal/business goals

    There goes my social life!

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